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Evernote 5 for Windows release brings shortcuts and reminders

Evernote 5 has been launched for Windows users with a slew of new features that the company boasts will make it better than ever.

The new version, which can be downloaded and installed straight away, has a variety of new features including a shortcuts tab and the addition of reminders inside the app.

“With Evernote 5, we’re embracing modern aesthetics to bring you a beautiful, flat interface that feels at home on multiple versions of Windows. By stripping unnecessary elements, we’ve made it easier to browse and create notes. Anything that might have distracted you from achieving your goals is gone,” said Andrew Sinkov from Evernote.

Shortcuts gives users somewhere to quickly access anything that is done regularly including notes, notebooks, tags and saved searches. It makes it easier to find things within the apps and reduces the amount of time spent using the search and browse feature.

The other major feature added by the company is Reminders, with the Evernote blog stating: “Reminders are three features wrapped into one. By clicking on the alarm clock, you’ll pin the selected note into the Reminder list at the top of the Note List, create a to-do item for that note and add alarms to make sure your notes are done on time.”

Notes have also received a significant upgrade with any that relate to the open document appearing underneath and searches now include suggestions based on related notes. The new Windows UI also closely resembles the one already released for the Mac.

The Evernote 5 for Windows app will update automatically within the next week or so with those even more eager to try it out reminded they can get it right away by reinstalling the app.