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Five sessions and speakers to follow at GigaOM Structure:Europe

If you are heading to GigaOM's cloud conference Structure:Europe in London, now just two weeks away, check out ITProPortal's guide to five key speakers you should see and sessions you should attend:

1.The Data Guru's Panel: Give and Take, 1:45pm Wednesday.

This session will provide an opportunity to learn how some of the world's biggest data experts have achieved such success. Featuring the VP of data technology at Paypal, the founder of Import•io and the chief data scientist of, the esteemed group of peer-recognized data science professionals will also bring the audience the latest information and practices that are being innovated in the data science space.

Speakers: Andrew Fogg - Founder and Chief Data Officer, Import•io // John Foreman - Chief Data Scientist, // Sam Hamilton - VP, Data Technology, PayPal.

2. Workshop: Building a mainstream private cloud: what you need to know. Jonathan Wisler - General Manager, EMEA, Softlayer, 10:30am Wednesday.

In this invaluable workshop, Jonathan Wisler, general manager at cloud computing firm Softlayer, will discuss what you need to consider when building a private cloud. He will look particularly as the challenge of scaling and managing physical resources - Wisler believes that the solution may be to leverage an IaaS provider to build an off-premise cloud to add scalability to your current private cloud.

3. Matt Mullenweg - Co-founder, WordPress and founder, Automattic: What doe it taken to run 19 per cent of the web's content? 9:20am Wednesday.

Staggeringly, Wordpress, founded just 10 years ago, now runs nearly 19 percent of the world's websites. Not just limited to bloggers and individual's sites, the company also powers some of the most popular sites on the Internet including CNN, the New York Times and Reuters amongst others. Here, the founder of Wordpress will explain how the company has combined a distributed work force, open-source software and the cloud to build this blogging empire.

4. Mission not so impossible: A Truly Secure Cloud? 11:20am Thursday.

Security is one of the biggest issues that faces cloud computing, especially with the NSA spying revelations and instances of data breaches. Here, speakers from Microsoft, Verizon, VMware and CA Technologies will discuss whether cloud data can ever be truly safe from cyber criminals, and if our data is in fact as safe or safer on the cloud than it was in ageing in-house server rooms and data centres.

Speakers: Joe Baguley - CTO, EMEA, VMware // Gavan Egan - VP Sales, Verizon Terremark Europe // Adrienne Hall - GM, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft // Hila Meller - Head of Security Strategy EMEA, CA Technologies.

See also: Post Prism Panopticon: Confidence in public cloud computing, Thursday 4:05pm.

5. Dave Campbell - CTO, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft: Challenges and opportunities in cloud computing and big data, 11:40am Wednesday.

It is widely believed that the true disruptive potential of cloud computing and big data technologies has not been fully realized. Many still see cloud computing and big data technologies as cheaper or faster alternatives to existing systems.

In this talk Dave Campbell, Microsofts CTO of Cloud and Enterprise will explore what new innovations may be possible if we think more broadly around how to utilise the technologies.

See also: Amazon vs the world: How can cloud service providers compete?11:45AM Thursday.

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