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Mozilla offers free Firefox smartphones if developers port apps for OS

Mozilla is offering a free Firefox OS smartphone to any app developers who have created an HTML5 iOS or Android app, if they port it for Firefox Marketplace.

All developers have to do is show Mozilla their app and if the reviewers are happy with it, they will send out a Geeksphone Keon Firefox OS smartphone.

Geeksphone are a Spanish startup smartphone maker who have built a couple of devices in partnership with Firefox that are only available as developer previews at the moment.

The Firefox OS smartphones - all of which have been budget devices - have proved a huge success since being released a few months back.

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE recently sold a batch of their Firefox OS smartphones, the ZTE Open, through eBay in the UK and US for £59.99. The devices sold out in just one weekend.

At the moment no Firefox OS phones are available in the UK through a network carrier, but the company has said it is currently working on more partnerships, including with higher end manufacturers.

The other smartphone which currently runs on Firefox OS, the Alcatel One Touch Fire, is available in Poland through Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile brand.

In attempt to bolster the Firefox Marketplace before the initial release of the OS, Mozilla offered phones to developers who were creating apps especially for Firefox OS back in May.

With this move aimed at porters, it looks like Mozilla could be gearing up for an expansion in smartphones which run on the OS.