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Today's Tech: Samsung tries to make Android safer with Lookout partnership and Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2 spec comparison

Folks who use a Samsung Android device for business will soon be more protected from mobile threats. Samsung has announced it has struck a deal with mobile security firm Lookout to bolster the security of Android devices running its Knox security suite for businesses. As part of the deal, Lookout's real-time, cloud-based scanning software will now be part of the Knox security platform, offering protection against mobile threats from email attachments, web browsing, and file-sharing services, the companies said. The Knox security suite is described as an "end-to-end solution that provides security hardening from the hardware through to the application layer." The platform will remain fully compatible with Android and the Google ecosystem.

Mozilla is offering a free Firefox OS smartphone to any app developers who have created a HTML5 iOS or Android app, if they port it for Firefox Marketplace. All developers have to do is show Mozilla their app and if the reviewers are happy with it, they will send out a Geeksphone Keon Firefox OS smartphone. Geeksphone is a Spanish startup smartphone maker that has built a couple of devices in partnership with Firefox that are only available as developer previews at the moment. The Firefox OS smartphones - all of which have been budget devices - have proved a huge success since being released a few months back.

Samsung broke cover with its eagerly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 phablet at IFA 2013, but how does the new phablet compare to predecessor the Note 2 and which device offers the best value for money? We take a closer look at the key specs offered by both devices. According to James Laird, "We're definitely taken by the Galaxy Note 3, but the Note 2 remains a compelling proposition." Check out our spec comparison to get the full scoop.

Finally, it's been another busy day for Des and Will in Berlin, with the likes of Sony and Lenovo dominating another 24 hours of major product launches at IFA. As usual, the team has full live coverage of everything that went down at the tradeshow - anything we may have missed is either coming soon or just isn't worth mentioning. You can also check out our dedicated IFA hub to catch up with anything you may have missed.