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Bing's news aggregator gets makeover, adds trending Facebook and Twitter stories

Bing has updated its news aggregator to include topics and stories that are trending on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other aggregators and news sites on the web.

In order to optimise the site for mobile, the new layout has an adaptive design for desktop, tablet and smartphone use and is also "built for touch", Microsoft said in a blog post.

"At Bing, we know that keeping pace with what's happening in the world can be a full time job. People want to access the news in real-time whether it's on a phone, tablet, or PC. Today's news is propelled by "likes" and "tweets" and headlines rise and fall in less time than it takes to eat lunch," the post added.

At the top of the new Bing News page, users can browse the latest headlines through a news carousel which showcases the latest trending topics in categories including US, world, local, entertainment, sports and politics.

The news that is trending on Facebook and Twitter, based on popular "likes" and "tweets", is displayed on right side of the page.

Using the Satori feature added to the site earlier this year, the updated site is also able to identify people that are associated with trending news and provide additional information about them on the search page, without having to click a new link.

The updates to Bing are part of an ongoing effort by Microsoft to challenge Google's dominance of the search and news aggregation market. Although Google remains massively on top, Bing has continued to make gains since its launch in 2009.

Tomas Jivanda
Tomas Jivanda

Tomas is co-founder of Lucky Pilgrim, a team of journalists, photographers and art directors who connect brands to audiences through words, imagery and design. He was formerly editorial director at Chapel and managing editor at Courier magazine, and was a writer for ITProPortal as well as The Independent, EastLondonLines, The Sunday Times Magazine, and Croon.