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Lenovo hits IFA with giant Flex 20 portable all-in-one

Lenovo has introduced a new portable all-in-one desktop at this week's IFA show in Berlin.

The new Lenovo Flex 20 is the more mobile sibling of the 27in Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon introduced at this year's CES show in January. The Flex 20 is built into a 20.5mm (0.81in) thin aluminium shell, which makes it as thick as some desktop replacement laptops.

The Flex 20 is built around a 19.5in 1,600 x 900 resolution IPS display, which is smaller than Lenovo's 27in IdeaCentre Horizon, yet still more group-friendly than a 10in display on an iPad or other mobile tablet.

The Flex 20 features a 500GB hard drive or SSD/HDD hybrid storage, and can be equipped with up to a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor. Like the IdeaCentre Horizon, the Flex 20 can recline to a 90 degree horizontal position, so the system can be shared between a small group of people.

Also like the IdeaCentre Horizon, the Flex 20 brings up Lenovo's Aura touch-optimised interface when horizontal, though you can turn that feature off. The Flex works with the same e-dice and joystick controllers, though users will have to buy these accessories separately.

The Flex 20 comes pre-loaded with a few games and touch programs, like Ubisoft's Raiding Company, and Lenovo games like Roulette and Air Hockey.

In slate mode, this All-in-One promises up to three hours of battery life for portability around the house or office. The Flex 20 will be available in October starting at €999 (£840).