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Salesforce overhauls file-sharing service to include third-party repositories

Salesforce has revamped its Chatterbox file sharing service to offer businesses a one-stop directory for all repositories across many devices.

Salesforce Files, unveiled today, allows files on employee computers, company servers, and third-party repositories including Google Drive and Dropbox to all be pooled on one “trusted platform” that can be seen across all devices.

"Salesforce Files changes the game for our customers because they can now connect any file, no matter where it is stored, to their businesses and make it mobile and social, all on a single, trusted platform,” said Nasi Jazayeri, executive vice president and general manager of Salesforce Chatter.

The service is designed to make things a lot easier and works by connecting to third-party services but not actually accessing the files thus making sure the security and permission settings stay the same.

"At this point, really, the pain point is being able to access search, access files across corporate policies, and integrate,” Jazayeri added in a statement to The Register.

It works by taking the metadata from files to create a directory of all the data within an organisation and the third-party repositories it uses. The new tool uses technology from Entropysoft, a content connection company it took over earlier in the year.

The service functions as read-only meaning that any edits made will be in the third-party system involved and not in Salesforce Files. It will work in conjunction with Chatter, a file-sharing service the company created a while back that doesn’t allow third party files to be shared.

Salesforce Files is currently in private beta with the plan that it’ll eventually be rolled in full by February 2014. It will be bundled with other Salesforce products and not sold as a standalone product.