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Sony premieres magnetic Windows 8 VAIO hybrid

Sony has brought magnetic force to the Windows 8 hybrid market with a new VAIO multi-flip PC that is unique in the way it changes state.

The new device, entitled the VAIO multi-flip PC, was unveiled earlier this week at IFA in Berlin and incorporates a magnetic plate on the back of the shell that is used when converting the device from a laptop to a tablet.

A hands-on video by The Verge shows the laptop that, to the naked eye, appears to be a normal Windows 8 laptop with the aluminium casing and style points the VAIO range is known for.

It’s when the camera lens gets up close and personal with the computer that things get more interesting. The release-lock button at the foot of the screen is what makes the VAIO a hybrid and allows the magnetic mechanism to control where the screen is positioned.

The screen can be flipped over onto the back of the lid and then closed so the laptop becomes a tablet. The screen can also be put into a position where it covers up the keyboard and leaves the touch pad visible, with the magnetic force a unique way to make all this possible.

The hybrid is powered by an Intel Haswell processor and the 13in model ships with a 1,920 x 1,080 display whereas the 15in model comes with a 2,880 x 1,620 display and both have a backlit keyboard and trackpad. In addition to this there is a stylus that can be used on the device’s touchscreen and a camera on the base of the computer

In terms of connectivity the device has a Full HDMI port, SD card slot and two USB ports on the side of the device.

There’s no indication when Sony will release the new device or the price it will come in at and it will be interesting to see how the latest attempt at amalgamating a laptop and tablet gets on.

Image Credit: Microsoft OEM Twitter.