Exclusive: Sub-€1000, 23.8in 4K monitors coming at Philips in 2014

We sat down with Jeroen Brants, Product Manager Europe for MMD Monitors and Displays, the exclusive license holder worldwide for Philips monitors, signage and large displays, to discuss about the company’s current status and future products.

The company has shipped an Android-based all-in-one computer which costs 399 Euros and comes with a two core processor. The price seems bit steep given that Android HDMI dongles are becoming increasingly popular, driving prices down. Four-core models will be introduced later.

Another new announcement was the launch of a docking display which essentially allows you to connect one cable to your computer and get access to multiple ports and displays.

What got us excited though was the news that Philips MMD will be releasing a 4K monitor in Q1 next year that will cost less than 999 Euros and will have a 23.8in display.A 28in model will also be available. It is likely that both panels will be sourced from LG as the Korean manufacturer is the only one to have announced a 23.8in 4K panel.

At 185ppi, it will be the monitor with the highest pixel density on the market although it doesn’t surpass the IBM T221, which, with a resolution of more than 9.2-megapixel has the world’s highest resolution and the highest pixel density as well with a 22.2in diagonal.

Brants also hinted that more monitors will integrate Miracast technology which may well pave the way for seamless and universal wireless displays.