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Five reasons why you should attend GigaOM Structure:Europe

The two day Gigaom Structure:Europe cloud computing conference in London on 18 and 19 September is fast approaching. The whole ITProPortal team will be heading to the venue, the Grange Tower Bridge hotel, to cover the event.

If you're still unsure about attending, have a look at ITProPortal's run down as to why you should head along:

1. The power of the cloud industry

Cloud is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and is widely considered the future of IT, from communications to storage to data processing. This is the biggest conference of its kind to be held in Europe, bringing together some of the biggest cloud experts in the world. Whatever arm of technology you are involved in you would be mad to miss it.

2. Big industry speakers

Gigaom's Structure:Europe will feature some of the most important players in not just cloud, but technology as a whole. Key names include Margaret Dawson, VP of Product Marketing at HP, Wordpress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, Barak Regev, the regional head of Google's cloud platform, Frank Frankovsky, Facebook's VP of infrastructure and Sam Hamilton VP of data technology at PayPal.

3. Up and coming speakers

As well as representatives from some of the biggest players in the cloud industry, there are also a huge number of middle weight and startup speakers who are coming up with innovative ways to challenge the dominance of Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Head along to get the inside scoop on their latest innovations.

4. Workshops

On top of the numerous sessions and seminars, Gigaom's Structure:Europe will offer a large range of hands on workshops where specialist professionals will run through a range of cloud technologies and opportunities. Workshops include: how to build a mainstream private cloud, the true potential of network visualisation and AI and analytics-based automation.

5. Networking

With the a huge number of speakers from a massive range of companies and organisations, as well as countless other tech bods that will be going along, whether you are looking to form new partnerships, provide a B2B service, or are in the job market, Structure:Europe will provide an invaluable networking opportunity.

You can save 25 per cent off the retail ticket price by using this special URL. The usual ticket sells for £995, while the Group Ticket (3 or more tickets) cuts that down to £795 respectively while startup employees pay only £350. These are the SRP prices and exclude 20 per cent VAT and the 25 per cent discount.