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IBM: Social collaboration increasingly important for C-suite executives

Almost three quarters of C-suite executives are seeing a shift towards social and digital collaboration with the two factors having an increasingly large influence on each business.

The IBM Institute of Business Value surveyed 4,000 C-suite executives and released its early discoveries that show 71 per cent of chief information officers “see communication moving towards more social digital collaboration”.

64 per cent of chief marketing officers [CMO] “want to approach customers as individuals” with just 34 per cent of the belief that they have an “in-depth understanding of their customers”. The latter is something organisations expect will have risen to 78 per cent by 2017.

The social nature of business is also reflected by 55 per cent of CHROs that “foresee increasing organisational openness” over the coming months and years.

In terms of future initiatives, 69 per cent of C-suite executives state that “creating a consistent experience across all customer touch points” is their top initiative. Another interesting result to come out of the survey is the fact that just one in five of the organisations involved has the capacity to use big data.

C-suite executives are no strangers to being surveyed on big data with 76 per cent of them seeing it as an opportunity for their company, as opposed to 24 per cent that see it as a challenge. It shows the shift that has meant C-suite is no longer just the preserve of IT and analyst teams and has its place in the boardroom.

IBM’s full C-suite survey results will be released in October with the outcome likely to further reinforce the increasingly important role that social is taking up in the minds of boardroom executives everywhere.

Image Credit: Flickr (EricDanPhoto)