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Lima tops $1.2m as sixth best Kickstarter technology startup ever

Lima has become Kickstarter’s sixth most funded technology project ever with over $1.2 million [£764,720] raised in 60 days.

The small USB device raised a total of $1,229,074 [£783,248] from 12,840 backers and ForgetBox, the French startup responsible for the device, smashed its goal of just $69,000 [£43,971] in a matter of hours.

The $69 [£44] adapter is a form of network attached storage [NAS] and anyone that owns one can access content uploaded to their Lima wherever they are in the world.

Lima, formerly know as Plug, works by allowing users to plug a router into one end of the device and a USB storage medium into the other. Then turn on the computer, launch Lima’s app and everything you want to share across a number of different devices is stored on Lima’s servers thus becoming accessible everywhere.

“Lima is a small adapter that acts like the brain of your devices. It enables you to transform your old USB drives into a special memory, common to your smartphone, tablet and computers. Install Lima, and your devices will start storing all of their content in this common memory, at Home,” says Lima's Kickstarter page.

All files are stored online and can be streamed directly from your home Lima wherever you are in the world. If the user knows they will be without Internet connectivity for a while, Lima allows content to be viewed offline much like Spotfiy offline playlists.

The small device also has Google Chromecast compatibility that allows users to stream music, a movie or photo album to a television using the Lima smartphone or tablet app.

Lima, which has been two years in the making, will be manufactured by one of the startup’s “partners” in Shenzen with the plan that the device will ship in December.