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Nissan to launch Nismo smartwatch to connect driver and car

Car maker Nissan is set to launch a smartwatch designed to measure the performance of car and driver.

Made for use with Nismo cars, the watch delivers average speed and fuel consumption readings of the car as well as biometric data on the driver in order to "enhance performance and efficiency".

"The Nissan Nismo Concept Watch will be the first smartwatch to connect a driver to the car and will provide drivers with real-time biometric data," says the company.

The watch will be unveiled for the first time at The Frankfurt Motor Show which starts on Tuesday. Last week both Samsung and wireless tech firm Qualcomm launched smartwatches designed for use with smartphones.

The Nissan Nismo watch is also enabled through a smartphone, with the device connecting to the car through an app and enabled via Bluetooth Low Energy. The watch sends all readings, including vehicle telematics and performance data, to the app.

Gareth Dunsmore of Nissan in Europe said: "Wearable technology is fast becoming the next big thing and we want to take advantage of this innovative technology to make our Nismo Brand more accessible.

"On track, Nissan uses the latest biometric training technologies to improve the performance of our Nissan Nismo Athletes and it is this technology we want to bring to our fans to enhance their driving experience and Nismo ownership."

At the moment the watch is mainly focused on producing driver performance data through a heart rate monitor, but the firm says the Nismo Lab, which developed the watch, is already looking to add new features to future devices.

These include: an Electrocardiogram reader to measure the intervals of the R-R rhythm of the heart, and identify early fatigue; an EEG (Electroencephalogram) brainwave reader to monitor the drivers' levels of concentration and emotions; and a skin temperature monitor to record core body temperature and hydration levels.