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Spotlight on Kickstarter: Omate TrueSmart

Project Name: Omate TrueSmart – Water-resistant standalone Smartwatch 2.0 (opens in new tab)

Category: Design

Goal: $100,000 (£64,000)

Currently Funded: $645,000 (£412,000)

Deadline for Pledging: 20 September 2013

It seems like everything is getting "smart" these days and the wristwatch is no exception. Top tech companies – most recently Samsung (opens in new tab) and Qualcomm (opens in new tab) – are unleashing smartwatches in droves, but all rely on companion devices. Until now, that is. The Omate TrueSmart bills itself as a truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch that works independently from (and with!) all smartphones.

The watch promises to support voice calling, text messaging, social media platforms, GPS navigation, gesture control, voice-to-text, fitness apps, and anything else you can access in the Google Play store.

It is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 4.2. It has a 1.54in multitouch display along with an embedded 5-megapixel camera, a speaker, and a microphone. And while wearable technology is generally not particularly sexy, Omate takes pride in design being "a mindset, not a department."

Omate does not need your help bringing the TrueSmart to fruition as it's already exceeded its funding goal sixfold (and indeed broke its target in less than a day (opens in new tab)), but you can join the other 3,000 backers and pledge support to get your hands on a unit.

For $199 (plus $15 shipping to make a total of £136 for UK-based punters) you’ll receive a TrueSmart with an estimated delivery date of this November. Tack on $30 (£19) and you can add a personalised message on the back of the watch (up to 12 characters). Better still, the project creators set and surpassed a stretch goal of $500,000 (£320,000); the extra funds mean each watch shipped will be upgraded to scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass.

The question remains, do we really need another smartwatch?

Watch the project video above for more details, and to see an adorably tiny kitten make an appearance at 1:18.