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7 of the best apps coming to the Samsung Galaxy Gear

After months of rumours, last week Samsung finally took the wraps off its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. At launch, the device will connect with the new Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and allow users to access features from their wrists without having to root around in bags or purses to find their smartphone or tablet.

Those features include apps that will be optimised for the Gear's 1.63in display. According to Samsung, there will be 70 apps at launch, with more to come as developers take a crack at wearable tech versions of their services.

The Gear isn’t out just yet – it’s due at the end of the month – but the Samsung and some of its partners have already highlighted a few of the apps we can expect on the Galaxy Gear. Whether you want to access the news, keep tabs on friends, or track your calories, the Gear probably has something for you.

We've highlighted seven of these Gear-optimised apps here, but you'll also be able to use wine scanning app Vivino, fitness app RunKeeper, messaging service Line, and e-commerce powerhouse eBay.

Apps will be accessible via a special section on the Gear, found by swiping right on the main screen. You’ll be able to use the Gear Manager app on your Galaxy device, meanwhile, to add or delete the apps that reside on your Gear.

So without further ado, here’s our list of apps – and for more on the Galaxy Gear, check out our hands-on preview.


"Galaxy Gear is a companion device to your Samsung phone," news aggregator app Zite said in a blog post. "In that vein, we’ve built Zite to allow you to scan your top 10 headlines quickly and efficiently. Because Zite is personalised to your tastes and interests, no two sets of top 10 stories will be the same."

Zite gave its stamp of approval to wearable tech, noting its involvement in Google Glass. "This first release of Zite on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is just the beginning," Zite said.


Pocket is known as the "read it later" app. "Pocket’s Listen feature, with Galaxy Gear, lets you hear your articles read out loud, and it’s all controlled from your wrist, leaving your hands free," the company said in a blog post.


Evernote is bringing organisation to your wrist with the Galaxy Gear. The Evernote watch app "makes it easy to remember things by quickly capturing images and memories and bringing important reminders right to Galaxy Gear," Samsung said. Meanwhile, Evernote said that all S Note users will get note synchronisation from their Samsung mobile device to all other devices and computers where Evernote is installed.


On the social front, Path will also be accessible on Galaxy Gear. "Path on the Samsung Galaxy Gear enables users to share photos, give feedback to their friends and family, and post their location in seconds," the company said. "Path users on the wearable can also receive notifications from the most important people in their lives, instantly."


Another social app for Gear is Banjo, which aggregates social posts from around the web for an easy look at what's happening in events from around the globe. "With Banjo for Galaxy Gear, you can see live streaming photos from your favourite music, sports and breaking news events as they happen," Banjo said in a blog post. The above image is a preview of how Banjo will look on the Samsung smartwatch.


With MyFitnessPal, Gear owners can check calories remaining, daily activity, status of daily health goals, and more. It will come preloaded on the smartwatch, and will also let users scan barcodes with the Galaxy camera and improve tracking via the Gear's pedometer.


While you're tracking your calories burned with MyFitnessPal, you can also share the location of your latest run with Glympse. "Samsung Galaxy Gear wearers can quickly and easily send a Glympse to friends, allowing them to see their real-time movements on a map, for a set period of time," Glympse said in a blog post. "In addition, wearers can receive and view a Glympse message on a dynamic map or respond to a location request. Galaxy Gear wearers can access all these features with just a few simple taps."