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Application-centric cloud networking: beyond conventional “best effort” networking models

With application-centric cloud networking, HP promises to improve networked application performance by up to 200 per cent, so companies can increase employee productivity, boost business operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Lengthy application implementation cycles across the business and slow application performances across networks can heavily hinder a move to more cost effective cloud working.

This whitepaper explains how companies can achieve better business performance through making their network and applications work more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. HP is working with application performance management partner F5 to offer the HP Virtual Applications Networks framework, so companies can construct a more agile and responsive IT environment.

The tightly integrated technology creates completely virtualised networks from the data centre to the end user, which can be controlled through streamlined and secure unified management.

By decoupling applications and services from the underlying infrastructure, and eliminating manually intensive, error‑prone configuration tasks, HP says its Virtual Application Networks offering can help companies reduce their time to deploy cloud applications from months to minutes.

With their integrated solution HP and F5 say they can accelerate applications for users and customers, speed data and work replication between data centres, improve performance for mobile and remote users, and reduce infrastructure and bandwidth costs.

Download and read the whitepaper here. For more information on HP cloud services, visit