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Asus Maximus VI Formula preview: Z87 RoG board with TUF influences

When we published our big round-up of 37 Haswell motherboards back in July, we were only able to include two of the three ATX boards in Asus' Republic of Gamers series. The Maximus VI Extreme is Asus' most high-end board and is solely intended for hardcore overclockers using extreme methods of cooling. The Maximus VI Hero is meant more for the gamers, the other side of the RoG crowd. The piece we could not test at the time was the Maximus VI Formula, the board that's positioned between those two both in terms of pricing and features. Today we can finally put it to the test.

According to Asus, the Formula combines the best of both worlds of the Extreme overclocking board and the Hero gaming motherboard. Perhaps we should add casemodders to that group as well, since just like the recent The Ultimate Force (TUF) Sabertooth board, it's equipped with a plastic cover. The reasoning for that addition is that it supposedly improves cooling, but it's safe to say it's primarily for looks. And the Formula is definitely a cool-looking motherboard.

The Formula also has something the Hero and Extreme do not, and that's support for liquid cooling for the heatsink on the mosfets.

Below two rubber caps there are threads for attaching a liquid cooling set. It's a nice solution with the rubber caps, since if you don't use liquid cooling you won't notice their presence, due to the design that fits perfectly with the rest of the plastic cover. You can read the rest of ASUS Maximus VI Formula preview on