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Conversation platform Livefyre picks up Storify for undisclosed fee

Livefyre has announced its acquisition of Storify, joining forces to create a potentially world-leading social curation company.

Home of the StreamHub platform, Livefyre powers real-time conversation and social curation, while Storify enables more than 850,000 marketers and journalists tell stories online.

"So it seemed only natural for us to acquire Storify and integrate drag-and-drop editorial curation capabilities into our StreamHub platform," Livefyre CEO Jordan Kretchmer said in a blog post.

Storify's free product will remain open to the public, while its paid tiers will be rolled into a single enterprise offering.

That includes new features like single sign-in, centralised story and editor management, Storify galleries, user participation tools, and engagement analytics.

The acquisition, according to Kretchmer, will also go a long way toward helping to broaden Storify's reach.

Livefyre customers can also expect to find new functions like the ability to centrally manage automated and editorial curation from the same user interface. Future iterations of the service are expected to provide drag-and-drop capabilities for social media posts into any Livefyre application.

"This opens up completely new possibilities for how social content can be integrated into websites, mobile apps, advertisements, and TV broadcasts," Kretchmer said.

Storify co-founders Xavier Damman and Burt Herman, as well as employees from the product, engineering, and customer support departments, will move to Livefyre's San Francisco headquarters.

The team seems optimistic about the change, writing in an announcement that "we believe our united products are a perfect match, offering the best social storytelling, curation and user engagement tools anywhere."

Terms of the deal have not been revealed.