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Rebtel updates VoIP app on Android to take on Skype

Swedish company Rebtel updated its VoIP client on Android shortly after doing it on iOS. The new version uses the Android 4.0 Holo theme, adopts a similar revamped design available on Rebtel’s iOS smartphone.

The company, which is the world’s biggest independent VoiP provider (and a distant second player after Microsoft’s Skype), currently has nearly 24 million users globally on both platforms with the bulk of the users on Apple’s mobile OS rather than on Android.

The new navigation has a slide-in menu and an action bar which the company says is bigger, brighter and more user friendly. The revamped app also integrate directly from the user’s address book, allowing to import favourites with three actions attached to each).

Rebtel allows you to move from Wi-Fi/3G to a local phone call at no extra cost simply by tapping on the “keep talking button”, a feature that’s available on Android and iOS.

Perhaps more importantly, Rebtel boosts some of the cheapest VoIP prices on the market, compared to its bigger competitor, Skype. For example, a 10-minutes call to Mauritius costs a whopping £1.47 while the same call on Rebtel is charged 49p (and there’s no connection fee).

In 2012, Rebtel added HD Voice capabilities to its VoIP mobile and desktop client and earlier this year, it gave £14 worth of credit for free on St Valentine’s day. You can download the latest version of Rebtel here.