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Apple built a series of Google Glass like prototypes, former senior VP at firm says

Apple built a number of Google Glass like prototypes, a former senior vice president at the company has said.

"The craziest thing we talked about was something like Google Glass. We said, "What if we make visors, so it's like you're sitting in a theatre?" I built a bunch of those prototypes," Tony Fadell, who is often named as the father of the iPod, said.

Due to the concentration on other products and time constraints, the devices he designed never got taken further than the prototype stage.

From Fadell's talk of visors and cinemas however, it does seem that the glasses Apple was looking into may have been more set in the realm of virtual reality and entertainment, rather than a smartphone for your face product in the vein of Google Glass.

Speaking to the Fast Company for its 'An oral history of Apple design' series, Fadell also described the constant thirst at the company to come up with new innovations.

"At Apple, we were always asking, What else can we revolutionise? We looked at video cameras and remote controls," he said.

Fadell served as the senior vice president of the iPod division at Apple from March 2006 to November 2008. He is now CEO of Nest Labs, which he founded in May 2010. The company produces high tech Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.

Meanwhile, it doesn't look like Apple will be looking to develop a product similar to Google Glass anytime soon. In May of this year CEO Tim Cook said he couldn't see the mainstream appeal of a glasses device.

"I'm interested in a great product. I only wear glasses because I can't see without them. People want wearables to be light, unobtrusive, reflect their fashion/style and so forth," he said.