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iPhone 5S & 5C release: iPhone 5 scrapped and 4S price slashed

Following the launch of two new smartphones, the iPhone 5S and the slightly cheaper iPhone 5C, Apple has discontinued the iPhone 5 and slashed the price of an iPhone 4S.

You can now get your hands on an unlocked SIM free iPhone 4S for £349 straight from Apple. Whilst the iPhone 5 has already been wiped from the Apple store, it is still available through carriers.

Both the 5S and the 5C will ship on 20 September, with pre-orders being accepted on the 5C from 13 September. The 5S will start at £549 contract free and the 5C, previously thought to be Apple's first budget offering, starts at £469, just £80 cheaper.

At £349 SIM free, and contract prices expected to fall, the 4S could be an attractive offering for the price, especially as the 5C specs aren't a huge improvement on that offered by the 4S.

The 5C has half an inch bigger screen, a slightly faster processor and more storage, but there's not much difference in the camera offered by the two, plus both will now run iOS 7, Apple's latest iPhone operating system.

For the 5C, iOS 7 will come installed straight out of the box, whilst anyone with a iPhone 4 or above will be able to download it for free from 18 September.

If you are hoping to get 4G though, its worth to note that the 4S is not LTE compatible. The 5C on the other hand has "more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world" allowing up to 100Mps download speeds, according to Apple.

For full UK pricing and release details for the 5S and 5C, head over to our full run down.