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HP Z1 workstation: All-in-one with desktop qualities

The HP Z1 is a new workstation by HP. It's a completely new design, instead of the traditional chassis plus monitor it's a 27in all-in-one with many of the benefits of a desktop system.

A workstation is designed to be a true workhorse. It is designed and developed for professionals who need high performance and stability for the specific applications they use. The focus is therefore different than that of home computers, where price is often the crucial factor.

The leading brand for workstations is HP. Whether it's for developing new products, exploring gas and oil fields or Hollywood film studios, you encounter HP workstations in all walks of life. The wide application of these systems ensures that software developers develop their programs to run smoothly on these systems (certification). The price of these workstations usually is quite high compared to the sum of all the components in the device. What you get in return is reliability, which makes it worth the extra investment for professional users.

If the pricetag poses a problem, then HP has more affordable models too, such as the HP Omni 27. The HP Z1 is a real professional system, which is reflected in the design. When you put it next to the Omni 27 or the Apple iMac, it is a bit less sleek and graceful. On the other hand, sharp lines and attractive materials make the Z1 one of the best-looking workstations around.

The HP Z1 workstation still looks a lot like other all-in-ones. It is a big monitor on a stand. The stand is one of the first things that sticks out on the Z1, as it allows you to swivel the screen and adjust the height to achieve the best viewing angles possible. You can read the rest of HP Z1 workstation: all-in-one with desktop qualities on