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Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: The reaction on Twitter this week

After months of Internet chatter, Apple finally unveiled its newest iPhone line-up this week. The company pushed out a high-end iPhone 5S, and a “low cost” iPhone 5C, as well as making the iPhone 4S the budget “free” handset (free on contracts, anyway – £349 sim-free).

So the iPhone 5 has been banished, replaced with its colourful successor, the iPhone 5C, which costs £470 sim-free for the basic model. The iPhone 5S starts at £549, so you save £80 by plumping for the 5C – but it’s hardly a budget phone, or the affordable option many were envisioning.

In the wake of Apple's announcement, many took to Twitter this week to discuss whether they'd buy Apple's new offerings, who the iPhone 5C is geared towards, and whether or not Steve Jobs would approve of the smartphone line-up's relatively new direction.

Opinion was largely split. Some joked that the iPhone 5C is for "peasants," and questioned why buyers wouldn't shell out a little more for a luxurious 5S with its gold colour options, souped-up new processor, and enhanced camera. That extra £80 was just a bit too much for some, though, many of whom were enamoured by the 5C's colour options.

Others, meanwhile, defended their decision to remain with Android or Windows Phone, championing their Nexus or Lumia gadgets. Nokia even got in on the action, posting a photo of its colourful Lumia line-up with a note that said "imitation is the best form of flattery."

Read on to find out how the Twitterverse reacted to Apple's big event, but also be sure to check out our hands-on with the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, and our iPhone 5S versus iPhone 5C spec comparison.


Compared to the iPhone 5S, many were unimpressed by the 5C.


I'm not sure that's exactly how Apple would frame it.


A colourful peasant, though.


Not everyone was critical of the 5C; the colourful device got a thumbs up from this Twitter user.


This guy was eyeing the blue 5C.


A popular refrain about the detail-obsessed Jobs.


An interesting idea...


The iPhone 5C can distract your friends, cat, or baby.


This might actually be a big selling point, if the abundance of cracked iPhones in the wild is any indication.


After months of discussions about a “low cost” iPhone, the $99 (£62) contract and £470 unlocked price wasn't really what people were expecting.


One of several Windows Phone shout-outs. Others urged consumers to check out the budget Lumia 620.


Nokia and Microsoft can heave a sigh of relief, I guess?


Diehard Android fans made their opinions known.


Aww, poor BlackBerry.