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BullGuard launches tools to protect personal details and help monitor children's social media use

Security firm BullGuard has announced a new set of security tools designed to protect against various threats that target Internet and social media users, including cyber bullies.

Branded BullGuard Identity Protection, the service works alongside any existing Internet security suite to help ensure that all personal and financial information, as well as social networking activities, are protected against cyber criminals.

The service can also be used to notify parents of any suspicious activity on their children's social media profiles, without needing to fully access their account.

"Younger users can easily be exposed to inappropriate content while malicious code is often stealthily embedded in linking web pages, ready to be activated by unsuspecting users," the firm said in a press release.

BullGuard continually monitors the web and the "dark web" - where personal data is traded and private information is accessed by third parties. Any malicious or inappropriate behaviour is then clearly flagged for users to act against if necessary.

The identity protection module allows users to select the personal details they want protected, including credit card numbers, bank account data, national insurance, phone numbers, usernames and passwords. BullGuard then notifies the user via email or SMS if any suspicious activity that is found relating to these details.

The social media protection tool is designed to help parents keep an eye on a child's Facebook profile without being intrusive. Activities that are selected as high risk, such as receiving inappropriate content (including photos and private messages), suspicious friends, or links to malicious websites, will be flagged and parents given the option to block any such communication from an account.

Alex Balan, Head of Product Management at BullGuard, said: "We're all too well aware of the growing number of threats that are targeting internet users, and the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook has made it an increasingly attractive alternative for would-be cyber-criminals and cyber-bullies."

"We developed BullGuard Identity Protection squarely with this in mind. It provides frequent and casual Internet users with peace of mind because their data and their children's activity, is monitored and kept safe."

BullGuard Identity Protection is a web-based service that works on any device with an Internet browser. Monitoring and changing settings can be easily changed by logging into an account from any such platform. The service costs £3.95 per month, or £34.95 per year.