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Google launches new Chrome 29 browser for iOS

Google has announced the launch of an updated Chrome web browser for iPhone and iPad, Chrome 29, which offers a number of new features and upgrades.

The iOS browser has new data cost savings enhancements in the form of enabling users to manage their data consumption in 'Bandwidth Management Settings'. The feature is presently being rolled out incrementally and will be available to every user soon.

The Chrome voice search function now has pronoun support, so a user can ask things such as "Who is the president of the United States?" followed by "Who is his wife?" and search results for Michelle Obama will appear, without having to mention the president for a second time.

The new browser enables users to navigate back to search results more easily after one link has been clicked by going instantly back to the original search listings when the back button is hit, without the page needing to reload.

The app also has improvements to the Single Sign On service across Chrome and other Google Apps, as well as general bug fixes and stability and security improvements.

The update will be available from the Apple App Store today. A run down of known issues is available on the Chrome support site, but if you experience a new issue, you can file a bug report to Google.