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Argentinian super-hacker accused of stealing $50,000 per month

Police in Argentina have detained a hacker that allegedly diverted over $50,000 [£32,337] a month to his bank account and is being branded a “super-hacker” as a result.

The 19-year-old, who hasn't been named, was first detained in Buenos Aires in July as part of “Operation Zombie”, with police raiding five premises in the Argentine capital and Rosario, a city to the North.

It’s being alleged that the hacker, who is the son of an information systems engineer, ran a complicated hacking system that enabled fraud to take place and security breaches happened on a large number of websites.

The raids found a “technological cave” that was being used to hack into the systems with police confiscating various sophisticated computers and other equipment. Police also identified six others that have been implicated in helping run the criminal network.

Operation Zombie began in 2012 when a businessman offering hosting services had noticed that a hacker was intercepting money transfers from his customers and informed the authorities.

Graciela Gils Carbo, Argentina’s chief prosecutor, ordered an investigation when it was apparent the same person that was taking money from online game players was intercepting money from the businessman’s customers.

“Internet users were victims of a ‘malware’ virus that the hacker hosted in a server for downloading online gaming applications,” said a Security Ministry statement.

The “super-hacker” was able to cover up the operation for so long by using a denial of service attacks that was designed to flood the network with thousands of “zombie” computers so that users weren’t able to access accounts at the time of the breach.

The latest hack comes after the US halted a prolific hacker that managed to infiltrate government computers and was demanding $50,000 [£32,337] for access to the information.