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Facebook announces addition of auto-play videos to news feed

Facebook has announced an update to its news feed that will auto-play embedded videos as you scroll through.

Rest assured, the videos will be muted by default. Tap them for sound and to watch in full screen.

This is similar to how videos show up on Facebook-owned Instagram. As you scroll through, they start playing automatically - although they are not muted by default on the video- and photo-sharing site.

Twitter's Vine does the same thing, with the six-second looping videos playing as they come into view.

Instagram added video in June, and the company made its first acquisition last month: video-sharing app Luma.

In a blog post, Facebook said adding auto-play to the news feed provides an "easier way to watch videos on Facebook," with the content coming to life as you scroll.

Don't like it? "Scroll past if you don't want to watch," the social network recommended.

Auto-play videos will start showing up on Facebook's mobile apps in the coming weeks. Initially, it will work on the Pages of musicians and bands, as well as individual accounts and verified Pages.

So, no auto videos from advertisers just yet, though "over time, we'll continue to explore how to bring this to marketers in the future," Facebook said.