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Gold HTC One picture leaks as One Max phablet rumours gain momentum

You can already get your hands on the HTC One in an aesthetically pleasing metallic blue colour, but the smartphone might soon get another makeover.

Leaked photos have made their way online showing what appears to be the front panel of a gold-coloured One. Engadget spotted the images, which were posted on the Chinese social media site Sina Weibo by the same user who previously leaked photos of the new blue model.

The gold part has several different hand-written marks on it, which were also present on the leaked blue One shots. These marks are apparently used to help match up the front panel with corresponding parts.

While the leak comes just a few days after Apple unveiled its new gold iPhone 5S, there is reason to believe HTC has been planning the gold model for some time.

There's a date stamp on the back panel that reads 12 August, meaning the gold part was likely put together just over one month ago.

Meanwhile, evidence is mounting that HTC is also planning a new handset dubbed the One Max.

Diligent source Evleaks tweeted a photo on Friday showing what could be the logo for the device, which is rumoured to be launching in the fourth quarter.

Whether HTC actually releases a One Max, or a gold version of the One remains to be seen.