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Snowden revelations having little impact on business

Some of the world’s largest online technology companies have seen little impact in the wake of Edward Snowden’s US National Security Agency [NSA] leaks earlier this year.

The likes of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have not been affected by the revelations that illustrated wide-spread collusion between the NSA and various different companies.

Analysts had speculated that the revelations would have a lasting impact outside the US as customers moved to use the services of local companies as opposed to those named by Snowden.

Reuters reports that a Google employee, who chose not to be named, told them that there’s been no detrimental impact on business and the same can be said for Microsoft, with a spokesperson stating that business in Europe has not been affected.

Meanwhile Amazon, not named in Snowden’s documents but nonetheless one of those that could be targeted due to its cloud computing services, is seeing global demand that "has never been greater", with cloud computing companies on the whole seeing no detrimental impact.

Further to this, no publicly traded company has mentioned Snowden or the revelations in a stock market filing with US based security and data encryption providers seeing a spike in business as a result.

Silent Circle, a phone and text encryption provider, is one of those to seen an increase with four times more revenue from May to June.

"Our value proposition had been that it's a wild world out there, while doing business internationally you need to protect yourself. Now the message people are getting from the newspapers every day is that it's a wild world even domestically,” the co-founder Jon Callas told Reuters.

Even with the likes of Google and Microsoft seeing little effect on every day business, some countries have taken steps to limit to amount of data being held in the US. Brazil is looking at passing a law that will force Internet companies to have data centres within the country, a law that has been specifically influenced by the Snowden revelations.

Image Credit: Flickr (ekvidi)