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Apple fails to release iPhone 5C preorder numbers

Apple is yet to reveal the number of preorders taken for the new iPhone 5C with the Cupertino based firm’s usual first weekend update yet to be released.

All five colour variations of the iPhone 5C in both sizes are still available to preorder for 20 September delivery on the Apple Store UK site and it’s the same case elsewhere with the US site only showing marginal shifts away from the 20 September delivery date.

On the US site any customers looking to pick up a green or blue model will have to wait until 4 October with the delivery date for the yellow model and 16GB red model now 25 September. Otherwise the 20 September date remains the same.

It has been common in the past for Apple to issue a press release in the days following the first weekend of preorders to give an update on how many devices it has sold so far. This time round there’s been no email and it has sent tongues wagging as to the whether there’s a problem with the amount of preorders being taken.

Bloomberg also revealed information on the company’s sales in China with a leak revealing that China Unicom, the country’s second largest operator, took 100,000 preorders for the iPhone 5C.

Apple isn’t taking preorders for the higher specification iPhone 5S with the device on track to be released alongside the iPhone 5C on 20 September. Many iPhone 5 owners will be waiting until this date to upgrade to the new device as the iPhone 5C has similar specifications to the iPhone 5.

Both devices were launched at twin events in California and Beijing with the iPhone 5C the company’s first affordable smartphone that is designed to target emerging markets – namely China. The iPhone 5C has been criticised by some Chinese analysts as being too expensive and time will tell if Apple’s first cheaper device is a success or a flop.