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IP Expo 2013: Meet and greet us at the Lounge

If you register for IP Expo 2013 via this link, you will gain exclusive access to our lounge at the event as well as fast-track access (with reserved front row seating) to all the seminars.

The lounge, which is sandwiched between the Microsoft Technology Theater and the Wireless & Mobile theatre, will be our working area (the entire team will be working there for the duration of the event).

Spread over more than 80 square metres will be sofas, tables and chairs where you will be able to chill out, away from the hustle and the bustle usually associated with such an event.

Inside the lounge, you will get complimentary tea, coffee, soft drink, biscuits and free Wi-Fi to help you catch up on your busy lifestyle.

If you haven’t registered yet, the key details you need to be aware of are that IP Expo will be held on 16 and 17 October 2013 at Earls Court 2 London with over 250 leading vendors present, some cracking giveaways and this year’s highlight keynote will be hacker supremo, Kevin Mitnick.

Desire worked at ITProPortal right at the beginning and was instrumental in turning it into the leading publication we all know and love today. He then moved on to be the Editor of TechRadarPro - a position he still holds - and has recently been reunited with ITProPortal since Future Publishing's acquisition of Net Communities.