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Jolla Sailfish OS gains full Android compatibility

Jolla’s Sailfish OS is now compatible with the Google Android OS with apps and hardware able to function successfully on the OS and thus make it an easier sell for manufacturers.

The Finnish based company announced the news on its site with new CEO Tomi Pienimäki explaining that the breakthrough will give Sailfish OS manufacturers a step up in China and other Asian markets.

“We believe Sailfish with Android compatibility is a highly relevant mobile operating system option for major mobile companies in Europe and in Asia. We are already in discussions with several major Asian vendors regarding this opportunity,” said Pienimäki. “For example, highly popular apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Spotify run directly on Sailfish OS. Also Chinese WeChat – already with over 400 million users – runs on Sailfish OS.”

The advancement in the Sailfish OS means that any device manufacturer building a device based on Sailfish will be able to utilise elements of Android and open up additional territories.

The Sailfish OS was created from the remnants of the MeeGo OS that was originally formed by the merger of Intel’s Maemo platform and Nokia’s Moblin. Jolla’s first batch of devices to run the OS sold out last month and the next batch of preorders is about to begin.

“Due to extremely positive feedback and increased demand in the past weeks, we are offering another pre-order opportunity for our second production batch later this week through This will be targeted to Finnish customers who want to express their passion for the Finnish mobile industry,” Pienimäki added.

Jolla’s first smartphone is Android app compliant and ships with a 4.5in screen, dual-core processor, 4G LTE connectivity, 16GB of onboard storage with a microSD card slot for expansion, an 8-megapixel camera, and a user-replaceable battery.

The first batch set customers back €399 [£340] for the basic model with an extra €40 [£34] bagging a t-shirt and a €100 payment giving buyers a €100 [£85] phone discount voucher, limited edition smartphone and the t-shirt.