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Today's Tech: Apple cagey on iPhone 5C pre-orders, Nokia Lumia 1520 launch delayed, and counting down to IP EXPO 2013

We like spreading our wings here at ITProPortal, and two events circled in red on our collective calendar right now are GigaOM Structure: Europe and IP EXPO 2013. The former is first on line - in fact, it kicks off tomorrow - and you can follow all the action live by locking your browser to our live updating Structure: Europe coverage.

IP EXPO is also an event you don't want to miss, so much so that we're hoping to entice our beautiful readers over by offering a number of registration perks. Register for IP EXPO 2013 now and get fast-track seminar entry, a chance to win a gourmet dining experience at IP EXPO ONE Place Dining, and access to the exclusive ITProPortal IP EXPO 2013 lounge.

Elsewhere, Nokia is delaying the release of its Lumia 1520, or 'Bandit,' phablet. According to sources, the postponement is down to the recent blockbuster deal signed between the Finnish firm and US tech giant Microsoft, with the launch event now slated to take place at some point in October. The Lumia 1520 is rumoured to sport a 6in screen, Full HD (1080p) display and will, of course, run Windows Phone 8.

Also in the smartphone sphere, Apple has aroused considerable interest among pundits by so far refusing to reveal figures relating to iPhone 5C preorders. All five variants of the 5C - which comes in a range of colourful designs with either 16GB of 32GB of on-board storage - are available for pre-order ahead of a 20 September release, having been unveiled over in Cupertino last week.

However, onlookers have been slightly underwhelmed by the device, which was expected to arrive as Apple's first budget offering, but will in fact cost at least £470 SIM-free. Coupled with the iconic firm's apparently cagey stance on pre-order statistics, it's leading many to wonder if the 5C has quickly positioned itself as a rare Apple flop.