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A closer look at the GigaOM Structure: Europe Startup Launchpad competition

The GigaOM Structure: Europe conference is packed with high-calibre speakers, exciting workshops, and myriad networking opportunities. We'll be heading over to the snazzy Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on 18-19 September to check out the event in full, and another highlight firmly on our radar is the Startup Launchpad competition.

In total, 24 promising early-stage ventures - drawn from as far and wide as San Francisco and Berlin, Boston and Budapest - will showcase their innovations in the Structure: Europe Startup Zone, with 10 of the budding businesses on hand selected to compete in the exclusive Launchpad pitch off, which kicks off later today at 17:00 BST.

Two gongs are up for grabs - a judges' award and an audience choice prize. We'll be covering all the action live from London, but in the meantime, let's get to know the competitors:

1) Aquamatix: Applying smart grid and Internet of things technologies, Aquamatix is a UK-based software and services company specialising in real-time control and performance management of water and wastewater systems.

2) Cloud 66: Under the banner of "Code to Cloud in 5 Minutes," Cloud 66's product combines the convenience of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) with the control and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), providing IT departments with a simpler, faster way to provision, manage, and deploy Ruby on Rails applications.

3) A cloud-based backend-as-a-service (BaaS) that enables mobile developers to launch fully-featured, connected apps without worrying about server management. also offers an enterprise middleware platform suitable for use of private or internal clouds.

4) ECmanaged: Multi-cloud management tool ECmanaged is a SaaS that enables you to view and control all your cloud platforms from a single dashboard. Another intriguing feature of ECmanaged is that it offers users a PAYG option.

5) Founded in 2012 by the trio behind Kusiri, is a democratic data platform centred around a 'data browser.' Turning the web into organised, useable data sets without the need for coding, it aims to furnish business leaders with actionable insights as painlessly as possible.

6) Lunacloud: Claiming to offer performance up to 8x better than Amazon and internal network throughput some 2x superior to Rackspace, Lunacloud is a pure-play cloud services provider that delivers reliable, elastic, and low-cost IaaS capabilities, plus offering multi-lingual support.

7) SecludIT: At the core of this startup's offering is Elastic Security, a set of products and services for securing cloud infrastructures. Its Elastic Detector services are especially interesting and are designed to secure data based in third-party clouds. The likes of Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud, Openstack, and Verizon Terremark VMware-based clouds are all supported.

8) Stackdriver: Based in Boston and founded by a pair of VWware alumni, Stackdriver's raison d'être is full-stack, cloud-native IT monitoring. The company's service - which it dubs MaaS (monitoring-as-a-service) - is targeted at DevOps employees and applies real-time analytics to highlight issues across a range of distributed systems.

9) Tresorit: An encrypted cloud storage tool designed to better secure shared and synced confidential data, Tresorit operates a freemium model and offers 5GB of free Windows storage. Hackers who think they can breach the firm's client-side encryption can win $10,000 (£6,300) if they are successful.


10) Waymate: Endeavouring to ease some of the headaches and stress associated with corporate trips, Waymate offers a unified travel planning solution that combines an online platform and mobile app to allow users to compare multiple schedules and fares at once.

For more, check out our preview of the top five sessions at GigaOM Structure: Europe. Wordpress co-founder Matt Mullenweg is slated as one of our highlights - share yours via the comment section below and be sure to tune in to our live updating Structure: Europe coverage for all the latest news and analysis.