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Ericsson CTO: We do not and will not work with governments to provide backdoors into network

Ericsson's CTO Ulf Ewaldsson has said that the company does not and will not work with any government to provide backdoors into its network so that consumer's data can be collected.

Speaking about mobile Internet and the possibilities of cloud hybrid networks at the GigaOM Structure:Europe conference, he said that security and trust has to be at the foundation of mobile cloud services.

It is surprising that this discussion was not being had before the Prism scandal, Ewaldsson added, although he did comment that people's perceptions need to catch up with the technology.

Ericsson do comply with the US lawful intercept rules which allow customers data to be collected, but this is tightly governed and very different to granting agencies full access to the network's communications, the firm's CTO argued.

Ewaldsson also said that Ericsson has now transformed to a software company that works with carriers to improve their networks and enable cloud services through mobile devices.

He did however note that the providers need to improve network speeds in order to unlock the full potential of cloud - possible functionality is currently unavailable as presently, not even 4G services are fast enough.

It is now for networks to completely transform form talk centred services to data providers in order to move forward with mobile services, Ewaldsson added.

Tomas Jivanda
Tomas Jivanda

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