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CyanogenMod aims to exceed Android after $7m investment

Cyanogen has raised $7 milion [£4.3 million] to fund the next stage of development for its popular Android mod.

CyanogenMod [CM], a project started off by Android programmers, will see a full Play Store release as a result of the new investment and it will mean they can employ coders that were originally working on an unpaid basis.

“What will change is our capabilities, our speed, and our size. I’m not one to let anything stagnate. The next logical steps for CM were out of reach previously, and the path forward is clear now. I hope you feel the same,” commented Steve Kondik, Cyanogen’s technology head, on the company blog.

The project, which was originally a hobby, allows Android phone owners to swap out Android for a version that gives them a higher level of control over their phone or tablet. Over seven million Android devices already run the mod and it gives users access to a wealth of apps and features that have only been developed for Cyanogen. Those that have the mod already are able to remove manufacturer created apps and programs that come preinstalled on the device and would otherwise not be able to be uninstalled.

Kondik explained that before anything else they would be creating a universal installer that replaces the current process that he called “hideous”. Looking further ahead Kondik stated the company goal is to exceed Google and bring an OS to the market that is “actually designed by and for the people who use it”.

Mitch Lasky, one of the venture capitalists that helped to secure the new funding, wrote that “CM is poised to become one of the largest mobile operating systems in the world” as a result of the new investment.