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Dell VP of cloud: Privatisation will not change cloud services

Nnamdi Orakwue, VP of cloud at Dell has said the changing ownership structure of the company will not change the way cloud services are implemented at the company.

Orakwue made the statement at the GigaOM Structure:Europe conference today whilst discussing the private/public hybrid structure of cloud computing at Dell.

Dell currently focuses on providing tools to cloud providers and works with partners to provide both private and public cloud services.

Describing the advantages of operating in this way, Orakwue said it means the company can sit a level above the cloud providers and added that it allows a focus to be placed on providing private clouds to firms.

"We needed to take a different direction," he said, explaining that once companies reach a $50,000 (£31,000) a month Amazon cloud bill, a private or hybrid cloud option becomes very attractive.

The idea that Dell will not change its implementation of cloud is an interesting one, particularly considering that founder and CEO Michael Dell has said that his main reason for taking the company private is to transfer the business away from PCs to mobile, without shareholder scrutiny.

One of the key themes being discussed across this year's conference by speakers such as Ulf Ewaldsson, the Ericsson CTO, is the impact cloud is having, and will continue to have, on mobile and the way mobile apps and services are provided.

It will now be interesting to see if and how the company utilises its cloud technology in developing any new mobile devices.

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