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Hackers offer $3000 reward to first person who cracks iPhone 5S TouchID

A group of hackers have raised over $3000 (£1866) in reward money for first person who is able to crack the iPhone 5S' fingerprint reader and provide video evidence.

The crowdfunding effort was launched by independent security researcher Nick Depetrillo on Wednesday through a website called

The site promises that the first person who can show video evidence that they can "reliably and repeatedly" break into an iPhone 5S through lifting someone's prints from another surface, will get the reward.

Speaking to Forbes, Depetrillo said it is in fact because he wants to prove how hard it is to crack the TouchID technology, rather than because he wants to see the Apple device hacked, that he launched the reward.

"Basically people criticised the TouchId sensor as being insecure, thinking it was a typical fingerprint sensor from five years ago," he said.

"In reality it's a lot harder, and I was part of a vocal minority of security researchers who argued Apple did a good job."

Currently the reward is a combination of cash and bitcoin, as well as a variety of additional items including bottles of wine, whiskey and tequila, "a dirty sex book" and a lock picking tool.

The reward pool started when Depetrillo announced on Twitter that he would "pay the first person who successfully lifts a print off the iPhone 5s screen, reproduces it and unlocks the phone in

After that a number of others pitched in to make similar offers which prompted the security researcher to build the site and start the hashtag #istouchidhackedyet.

There has been no central fund created, instead it is simply going on the word of the pledgees, although Depetrillo has said he will "track any deadbeats" who do not keep to their word.