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Today's Tech: Apple boss uses Microsoft's Nokia purchase as warning and Facebook says US spying has created online trust issues

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken a shot at Nokia and Microsoft in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Nokia is currently in the process of being taken over by US technology giant Microsoft, and Cook believes the Finnish smartphone manufacturer only has itself to blame for its demise. "I think [Nokia] is a reminder to everyone in business that you have to keep innovating and that to not innovate is to die," he said. The deal, which is worth €5.4 billion (£4.6 billion), was announced earlier this month and took much of the technology world by surprise.

Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that US government covert surveillance of citizens has brought significant trust issues among Internet users. Facebook's CEO told a Washington event hosted by Atlantic magazine the federal government must publish more details about data requests it makes to Internet companies. "What I can tell from the data that I see at Facebook is that I think the more transparency and communication the government could do about how they're requesting the data from us, the better everyone would feel about it," said Zuckerberg, according to Reuters. Zuckerberg added that the US government's NSA surveillance has done more to damage users' trust in Facebook than any of its own privacy policies.

Those eagerly awaiting the release of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android have just a few more days to wait. BlackBerry has announced that its so-called "mobile social network," previously only available for BlackBerry smartphones, will begin rolling out for Android and iPhone users around the world on 21 September. Once it launches, BBM will be available as a free download on Google Play and via the App Store. The app will let users chat with friends on Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. Users will be able to share files, voice notes, and schedules right though the app.

Finally, we've spent our second day at GigaOM's Structure:Europe cloud fest and it's really not disappointed. We've witnessed a whole host of speakers from big players like Dell, Microsoft and Facebook, as well as a bunch of smaller companies. tackling issues such as security, privacy and energy-efficiency, it's been a real eye-opener. Check out our live coverage via the link above.