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Apple iPhone 5S teardown video fails to locate M7 coprocessor

Apple’s new iPhone 5S may not contain an M7 coprocessor after a teardown video couldn’t locate the new feature that was announced at the device’s launch event.

The perennial fiddlers over at iFixit took apart the new device upon its release in Australia and weren’t able to locate an M7 chip or anything manufactured by Samsung under the device’s bonnet.

iFixit speculate that the M7 coprocessor could be located inside the A7 chip or that it’s not in the new smartphone at all. The coprocessor is designed to take some of the strain off the new A7 processor when it comes to motion tracking and calculating distance travelled – popular features in health and fitness apps.

The notes that accompany the video, where the news on the M7 is articulated, also show the lack of any component manufactured by Samsung, which is at odds with reports back in July that it was supplying application processors for the iPhone.

Other than those two anomalies, the components that are under the hood of the iPhone 5S are as expected. The CMOS chip underneath the home button enables fingerprint scanning with the improved 3.8V 1560mAh battery present, which gives the phone 10 hours talk time as opposed to the eight hours the iPhone 5 offers.

The A7 processor is all present and correct and the iFixit crew think that the F8164A1PD marking on the chip indicates it has 1GB of RAM.

The video confirms the presence of an 8.8-megapixel camera with a five element lens and f/2.2 aperture, which all means it has a 33 per cent increase in light sensitivity. This, combined with the software, allows it to take slow-motion video at 720p and the camera now supports burst mode.

When it came to reparability the iFixit team gave the iPhone 5S six out of 10 due to the fragile nature of the fingerprint sensor cable, the battery being hard to remove, pentalobe screws still being used and the fact the front glass, digitiser and LCD are all one component - making it expensive to replace.