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Deal: £11.50 Windows to Android Linker

Remember Samsung's Sidesync? A feature that was introduced a few months ago when it launched the Ativ 9 Plus, well any Android smartphone and any Windows users can now benefit from the same revolutionary feature. In a nutshell, Sidesync allows you to mirror your Android handset on your Windows computer and a new gizmo called Windroid Android Linker (available for £11.50 on eBay) allows you to do just that.

Unlike Samsung's solution, this one is fairly universal and is compatible with most recent Android devices and Windows OSes. You can control your smartphone or tablet using your keyboard and mouse, essentially a USB KVM. You can copy and paste, drag and drop and in theory, even use the screen of the tablet as a secondary display.

Most importantly though, it doesn't require any drivers (i.e. it is really plug-and-play) and physically it is just a cable with two USB ports on each side. Now if only Microsoft could do the same thing for Windows Phone 8 and Apple for iOS, that would be grand!

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