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Epson Stylus Office BX935FWD: Versatile and compact

If you have a home office, your needs in terms of a printer or all-in-one are a little different than if you don't work from home. When you print frequently, it's nice if you don't constantly have to change paper or ink cartridges. But you also don't want a huge box of a printer either, since you most likely have limited space. Epson's Stylus Office BX935FWD all-in-one is supposed to offer the best of both worlds. With an average price of £193, it's not far removed from the WorkForce Pro WP-4525 DNF which really impressed us recently. We are curious to see how the BX935FWD measures up.

Throughout this review, we will refer to the BX935FWD as a 'printer' rather than an 'all-in-one', even though we are fully aware that it is an all-in-one. Writing 'printer' is easier on the eyes (and fingers) though.

The BX935FWD doesn't look unique or attractive - the best we can call it is a sort of cuboid. Except for the tray for catching printed paper, there are no protruding parts on it, though you can fold out the interface panel as well as the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). The latter is a pretty ingenious construction, albeit by no means unique. When you fold out the lid, another part falls down and then acts as a tray for the scanned pages. This is a feature that's present on other Epson printers as well.

The duplex unit on the back of the printer is the most protrusive part, and even that does not stick out very much. You can read the rest of Epson Stylus Office BX935FWD: versatile and compact on