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Microsoft chief calls Google Search a ‘monopoly’

Microsoft's chief has stated that Google is enjoying a near monopoly over the search market whilst claiming Bing the only challenger left in a market where its not even the third largest search engine.

Chief executive Steve Ballmer made the comments as he was addressing the difficulties in making money from cloud computing with the outgoing chief executive talking about Google’s hold over the search engine market.

“Google does it. They have this incredible, amazing, dare I say monopoly that we are the only person left on the planet trying to compete with. We're the only guys in the world trying,” ReadWrite quotes Ballmer as stating.

The same site points out the irony in the statement coming from the leader of a company that has a “long and storied history with antitrust investigations”. Many will also pick up on the erroneous claim made by Ballmer that Microsoft’s Bing is the only challenger to Google, when it’s not even the third largest in the market.

Chinese search engine Baidu is proving more than a challenge for Google in its home market of China and the same can be said for Russian search engine Yandex, and in English speaking markets Bing is still competing with Yahoo to play second fiddle to Google.

Ballmer didn’t stop at simply calling Google a monopoly though.

“I believe that Google's practices are worthy of discussion with competition authority. And we have certainly discuss them with competition authorities. I don't think their practices are getting less merit tortuous of discussion. We highlighted some bad practices in advertising and discussions with regulators, the bundling they're doing with You Tube and Google Maps,” Ballmer added.

ReadWrite go on to speculate that if Ballmer’s arguments are applied to other sectors it could see Amazon Web Services’ cloud servers targeted for holding a commanding lead in that market and only time will tell if Ballmer decides to do so.