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Popular apps which have been revamped for iOS 7

Back on Wednesday, Apple released iOS 7 in a move that likely reduced productivity across the globe as iPhone and iPad owners feverishly battled Apple's servers to upgrade to Cupertino's newest "flat" OS.

According to stats from Chitika, approximately 18 per cent of iOS devices in North America were running iOS 7 within 24 hours of its release, which is 3 percentage points higher than iOS 6 achieved last year.

But iOS was not the only thing to get a mid-week upgrade. Apps big and small got makeovers to coincide with the release of iOS 7. Many revamped their logos – like Yahoo's popular weather app and Google's YouTube – while others added new features or showed off significant redesigns.

In addition to YouTube, Google also gave its Chrome and Gmail apps a boost. News readers also upgraded for iOS 7, from Pulse to Flipboard, while Yahoo's main iOS app added breaking news and GIFS.

But that's not all. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the more notable iOS 7 app upgrades. If you've managed to install iOS 7, these apps should be ready for primetime.

One nice feature of iOS 7 is the option to auto-update apps (when on Wi-Fi), so no more procrastinating and updating 30 plus apps at one time.

For more on iOS 7, see our full review, as well as our article detailing everything you need to know about Apple’s new OS, and our piece comparing iOS 7 and Android 4.3.

So, without further ado, here are those revamped apps – and note that you can click the title of an app to link through to download it on iTunes.


Facebook on iOS 7 moves the slide-out, left-hand bar to the bottom of the screen as a persistent menu with quick links to News Feed, Requests, Messages, Notifications, and More.

Search is moved to the top left; tap the magnifying glass to enter your query. It also now supports Czech, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, and traditional Chinese.


Evernote took a very Apple approach with its iOS 7 app, "paring away everything that felt unnecessary," the company said in a blog post. Evernote dropped the tabs and shadows of the previous versions to display everything on one screen: Personal and Business notes, notebooks, and tags, plus Shortcuts and Announcements. "To save even more space, the home screen dynamically shows or removes sections that you don’t need," Evernote said. There's also a Quicknote feature, which provides easy access to frequently used options on the bottom of the screen. Check out the blog post for a complete rundown.


Pocket – which will save articles and other content from around the web so you can read it later – gets a "refined design" and faster performance with iOS 7. But there's also a new feature for iOS called Instant Sync, which keeps your Pocket list automatically updated in the background, even without opening the app. That's just one of “dozens of new features” for Pocket in iOS 7, the company noted. Check out all the details on Pocket's blog.


Twitter also embraces iOS 7's flat design with a subtle redesign that brightens the micro-blogging site's signature blue colour scheme. (See our review of the Twitter iPhone app here).


Foursquare made a similar move by adding a "fresh coat of paint" for iOS 7. "We’ve fancied up the icon, updated the UI, and made it all work flawlessly in Apple’s new iOS," the company said. "So, while you’re playing with your new operating system (or new phone!), you can keep using Foursquare as usual."

Amazon Kindle

Also getting a makeover is the Amazon Kindle app. Rather than scrolling through sections – like Books and Newsstand – on the top of the app, those categories are now housed within a slide-out, left-hand menu.


Shazam has overhauled its logo and design for iOS 7 and promises a "lightning fast" response time. But the app will also provide a reminder of the last thing you “Shazamed” upon launch, the ability to purchase songs via the Explore mapping feature, and easier sharing to Facebook.


Digg is trying to bounce back after a rough year or two, most notably with its Digg Reader offering. With iOS 7, the Digg app adds two new features: Dynamic Type (pictured above), which allows you to set your text size preference, and Background App Refresh, which lets Digg decide the best time to update your content stream based on past behaviour.


Vimeo promises an update that makes "storing, watching, and sharing videos effortless and gorgeous." Among the updates for iOS 7 are single tap uploads, instant video playback (even offline), and video thumbnails.