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Businesses should invest in high performance network services, says MD of Custom Connect UK

1. Tell us more about Custom Connect

The company was founded in the Netherlands by telecom specialists Olav van Doorn and Jan Willem Meijer back in 2009. Having spent many years supplying connectivity and data centre solutions whilst working for large telecommunications firms, the pair had aspirations to improve the status quo by taking connectivity to a higher level. Their aim was to create a customer driven organisation that leveraged its knowledge of the telecommunications market and combined experiences to:

- Reduce the complexity of sourcing, supplying, implementing and supporting national and international network connectivity solutions

- Increase agility through lowering quote and installation times for faster deployment

- Improve support levels and the customer experienceImprove customers' ROI through a cost-efficient approach

- Offer carrier neutral and local, national and international solutions for unrivalled connectivity that is always focused on achieving our customers' connectivity goals

Realising that goal has resulted in a rapidly expanding business and customer base. We have recently opened a new London office, which will enable us to grow faster and better support our UK customers through local knowledge and staff.

2. What services do you offer, and whom do you target?

Custom Connect utilises the individual services from thousands of carriers and network providers globally. Aligning closely with the individual business, network and operational requirements of each client, services range from a single network connection to multi-regional network connectivity solutions.

Specific connectivity services include: Dark Fibre, Wavelengths, Ethernet, IP, Microwave Transmission and co-location services, in combination with project management and a dedicated 24/7 support organisation.

We differentiate ourselves by being completely carrier-neutral. We are not bound by any specific fibre route or carrier, which enables us to be completely carrier agnostic. In fact, we currently deal with 1,500 carriers globally. We are aware of all fibre paths irrespective of owner and create unique routes by interconnecting different circuits to deliver new paths that are specific to our clients' requirements. All of this is provided as a single end-to-end solution.

3. Why should businesses invest in high performance network services?

Businesses are becoming increasingly digitised and globalised and they need to assemble best-in-class IT solutions. By choosing to invest in a supplier that is aware of the entire carrier landscape, businesses are more informed and able to take advantage of changes to the telco market.

IT and network departments are being squeezed by businesses to deliver ever more value, whether it be cost savings through rationalisation or through new service development. Custom Connect provides the knowledge that facilitates this, allowing these goals to be achieved without the pain of sourcing large teams of telco researchers, solutions architects, project managers and support teams.

4. What important business issues are CIOs dealing with when it comes to network infrastructures?

This differs between sectors, but value is something everyone wants. The more business operations become outsourced via cloud services, the more network infrastructure becomes an increasingly important and critical component that delivers results to the business.

Organisations want to reduce complexity and streamline to achieve efficiencies. Having a single point of contact managing your entire carrier infrastructure is a huge enabler, allowing CIOs to focus on other critical business technologies whilst increasing agility.

CIOs are often required to spearhead globalisation initiatives for their respective companies. This creates many challenges as CIOs are now managing companies (and having to source local suppliers) across borders and cultures that are sometimes very different from their own. Anyone working with emerging markets such as South America and Asia can attest to this challenge.

Deploying a modern, cost-effective network infrastructure that is aligned closely to the client's IT strategy is our goal. Custom Connect makes this easy, since we have pre-negotiated contracts with suppliers that save customers time and money, and we aggregate rates of multiple carriers to ensure companies are given the best wholesale pricing for the best possible network.

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