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Gmail down: Google confirms Monday disruption

As some on Twitter have commented, it's the equivalent of a 'snow day' for adults.

Google's Gmail service has been hit by technical disruptions, effectively curtailing work and personal activity for millions of people worldwide.

The problems first emerged on Monday afternoon (23 September), when users reported problems sending and receiving emails from their Gmail account. Tests here at ITProPortal HQ have verified the grumbles voiced on social media and beyond, with delays and indefinite failures plaguing communications.

It is not a complete outage however, with some user accounts appearing to function as normal, while others have been foiled in both sending and receiving mail altogether.

The patchy service is signalled on the Google Apps Status dashboard (below), which is currently displaying half of a "Service disruption" icon, as supposed to a major disruption. Google docs and presentations have also been affected, according to the report.

With the service disruption having serious implications for businesses of all sizes, Google will be working hard to restore full working order for its users - and preserve its own strong reputation for keeping downtime at a minimum.

The timing is not good for the US giant. Just a month ago, blackouts spread across Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and more (opens in new tab), which saw global Internet traffic nosedive by an incredible 40 per cent during the short period of technical problems.

Let us know how badly you've been affected today, if at all, in the comments section below.

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