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HP adds cloud-based analytics to HAVEn Big Data platform

Hewlett Packard [HP] has started its own cloud-based analytics that will work together with its HAVEn Big Data analytics platform to help businesses grow.

The new service will help to solve problems that are encountered in the business arena as well as try to open up new revenue streams for firms that use the service, which leverages the HAVEn platform.

“Harnessing the value of information is a top priority for our clients and a Big Data solution is a significant investment of time and money for any organization, regardless of industry. HP Enterprise Services has leveraged HP HAVEn’s unified approach to Big Data to provide a low-risk, simplified and accelerated entry path to addressing key client business problems,” said Dragan Rakovich, chief technologist, Information Management & Analytics, HP Enterprise Services.

HAVEn was only launched back in July at HP Discover 2013 and was built to enable companies to take away all the information they need using HP’s analytics software, hardware and services. It gives organisations all the tools needed to effectively deal with big data and the launch of cloud based analytics means that HAVEn is now more extensive than when first released.

Clients of HAVEn can use the information picked up from HP’s analytics program to increase sales, fight fraud, discover security risks more efficiently, and improve performance of supply chains.

Big data is one of the five latest trends to hit cloud computing with Gil Allouche writing for ITProPortal that may companies are already “starting to see the value of combining the two”. Firms are still coming to terms with how to best deal with big data and make a success of it with some industry experts noting that companies like Google could do “unspeakably evil things” with the amount of our data it has access to.