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Open cloud infrastructure: How companies are adapting to a rapidly changing IT landscape

HP's converged cloud strategy is focused on delivering a common architectural foundation across traditional IT, private, managed and public clouds.

As a part of this strategy, HP offers HP CloudSystem, a complete integrated and open platform for building and managing cloud services. A key tenet of HP CloudSystem is support for mixed cloud working environments.

This whitepaper describes how HP, with the latest release of its HP CloudSystem, is expanding cloud openness further by adding support for what are known as Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM).

Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM) provide virtualisation infrastructures for the Linux open-source kernel operating system, and support the many versions of Linux on the market.

This allows companies to fully use mixed server pools to support and manage their cloud data. KVM server pools, can for instance, be combined with cloud server pools running VMWare virtualisation technology.

KVM support is enabled by leveraging open source OpenStack technologies, which are incorporated directly into HP CloudSystem, to provision and manage KVM virtual machines.

HP clients using CloudSystem can add KVM resource pools without disrupting the management of their existing cloud services. This provides clients with expanded choice as well as the increased flexibility to manage cloud costs, security and availability.

Download and read that whitepaper from here.

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