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Antec Three Hundred Two preview: High-end entry-level chassis?

Antec has released the follow-up to the Three Hundred at a bit of higher price. On average, the Three Hundred Two will cost you about £10 more than its predecessor. The question is, what has Antec done with the Three Hundred Two to justify this increase? As we will show you further down, the manufacturer has included just the right features and a very effective cooling system.

So what do you get for the £60 Antec asks for the Three Hundred Two? A fairly standard-looking black chassis with sharp lines. Only in the details can we recognise the qualities of a luxury model from the "Hundred" series, for example the fan at the top and the lines in the front panel. The familiar mesh material is present as well.

The Three Hundred Two weighs just below 7kg (6.66kg) and measures in at 23.5 x 52.5 x 47.1cm. This makes the case both lighter and larger than its predecessor, with very thin steel and above-average depth and height. It potentially means more internal space. So let's have a closer look at this entry-level model with a mid-range price.

The Antec Three Hundred Two has the appearance of a no-frills computer case that doesn't seem to be much different than its predecessor. The "Hundred" series is specifically aimed at gamers, but the cool design from the higher-end models such as the Nine Hundred Two or the Eleven Hundred is limited to the front side. It looks like it could be filled with 5.25in modules, but in reality only the top three slots are available. This is more than enough nowadays. The plastic front panel can be removed in its entirety once the case is open and clicked into the steel frame. You can read the rest of Antec Three Hundred Two preview on