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Microsoft slashes price of Surface RT as Surface 2 begins

Microsoft has cut the price of the Surface RT on its official online store to as little as £279 as it unveiled the new version called the Surface 2 yesterday during a special event.

The cheapest stock keeping unit and the one with the Black Touch Cover are both currently out of stock. However, there is still plenty of stock around at John Lewis (where you get an additional year of guarantee) and at Tesco where you can get the 32GB with the keyboard cover for £299 (use TDX-PWG3 at checkout to get £20 off).

Surface RT has been called a “turkey” and the fact that we’ve seen tablets from key Microsoft partners (like Toshiba and Acer) featuring full Windows 8 and Office 2013 Home and Student (one of the key attractions of Windows RT) for under £250 leave us to believe that Microsoft will quietly continue to push Windows RT, even if it is a solo journey.

All of the launch partners of Microsoft have already seemingly given up on the novel operating system despite a major update recently launched. Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and Dell had started clearing out their respective devices months ago amidst abysmal results.

The original Surface RT tablet was a decent tablet however, the Tegra 3 system-on-chip, was underpowered and the FUD combined with the lack of education surrounding the launch of Windows RT meant that many customers bought Windows RT tablets hoping to get full-fat Windows experience.

Check our review of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, one which we carried out 11 months ago.

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